Sunday, April 20, 2008

Speaking of cute...

Pistol Pete is definitely of the cute variety:)



We don't know what he is and in talking to friends who have had the testing done don't feel it is accurate so we'll keep his true identity a mystery for now:)

Whatever he is we love him and his big attitude - LOL!

Sheep Shearing

Today we had our six wool sheep sheared. Valentine who was born last year on Valentine's Day in the wicked snow storm is still a little way off from having her lamb. Erin Go Baaaa who was born last St. Patrick's Day in a wicked snow storm is getting close! Everyone else lambed in March when the weather wasn't too bad. I wonder if this means we have some wicked snow storms still coming this way - LOL! Here are some pics from today's shearing!

I wonder how long sheep shearers' backs last - I was totally impressed!!



some babies

cute speckled babies

Saturday, April 12, 2008

More pics!

Tristan playing frisbee

Tristan playing, Bodie chasing

Tristan with Frisbee

Bodie playing frisbee

Bodie playing frisbee

Bodie with Frisbee

Disney playing frisbee


Disney again

then we had to sweep the lawn - end of fun:(

April Day!

What a gorgeous day! I should be cleaning but...
Wet dogs with jollyballs
too nice - I hop in the rowboat and take some pictures - here's my foster boy Gus

Gus puddle Jumping 2

and Flirt

Flirt Puddle Jumping

and Gus again

Gus Puddle Jumping 1

and Captain Pete

Captain Pete

and Blue Dogs

Blue dogs

and a Yellow Dog

Yellow dog

and here's the intruder that drove us all back inside - yikes!


and inside we found Emily all cozied up inside of Flirt's crate. Funny how dogs who have never been crated just love these cozy little nests!

Emily in a crate

and Gus got all "gussied up" today - he was full of some nasty mats, behind his ears, on his fanny, and even his underbelly and armpits. I had Craig hold him for the tender parts! He was a very good boy!

Gus Brushing

Isn't he sweet?

Gus face